Favourite animators: Mitsuo Iso (磯光雄) and his work on the End of Evangelion

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my favorite scene in the entire film

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Vampire Gastelbrau from Hannah Ayoubi on Vimeo.



this is really cute omg



I love this so much.

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“They do everything via OZ these days so accounts have the same powers as the real world users. Steal an account from a water department manager and the pipes are yours to control. Steal a JR employee’s account and you can mess with the train schedules. There are over a billion registered users. Institutions around the world rely on OZ to get things done.”

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Do you know about Richard Williams, the 3-time Academy Award winning animator of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and A Christmas Carol? Do you know about The Thief and the Cobbler, the film he spent 23 years making and intended to be his masterpiece? The film he was never allowed to finish?

Have you seen The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut, which attempts to restore Richard Williams’ original vision to this unfinished animated classic?

My name is Garrett Gilchrist. I edited the Recobbled Cut in 2006 (and 2008). I am editing a new “Recobbled Cut Mark 4” right now. I’ve thrown out everything from the previous versions and am starting from scratch with much better materials, including a much better workprint, some HD clips, previously unseen footage and even some new artwork. It’s truer to Richard Williams’ vision and already looks and feels amazing.


In 2007, we transferred 49 minutes of extremely rare Thief and the Cobbler 35mm footage (21 minutes of which is used in the current Recobbled Cut), which includes all of The Thief inside the War Machine. The transfer was standard definition, cropped at the top and bottom, overbright and overblue, and left a lot to be desired. The quality is not up to today’s standards.

We are planning to remove splices, dirt and film damage and make this material look as good as it possibly can. To do this, we need a new full quality high definition transfer of these scenes.

Yes, we’re doing this. We need at least $1000 now to pay for the film to HD transfer.

This is a not for profit restoration.

This will be 20+ minutes of priceless Thief 35mm film footage in full HD quality for cleanup and screening. This is not trailer material - these are complete scenes, and they’re wonderful.

Many scenes of The Thief appear in full - being beat up by Nanny, going through the pipes, trying to steal the Golden Balls, trying to steal the emerald, getting his “hands” chopped off, and most impressively, every single shot of The Thief inside the War Machine.

Most of the Old Witch scene is here. There’s some very nice shots of Zigzag, part of the Cobbler/Thief chase scene, and so on and so on.

You can send donations via Paypal to tygerbug (at), or message me for an address to send checks to. Please identify all donations as being for the Recobbled Cut.

Join us at or the Recobbled Cut Group on Facebook.

Totally remember watching this in day care.






So much love for Caravan Palace.

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風で髪なびきアニメ下書き 風になびく旗や布、髪はこんな風にして丸にそって動かすといいそうです… on Twitpic

Wow, this makes folds and wind blown things a lot more clear!

Oh wow I was looking for something like this lately oAO

Oh Christ reblogging this for myself.


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So MERE MINUTES AGO I got a mysterious package in the mail!  This is what it looked like:


Box to meet you

After opening it up, this is what was inside:


I put the “you” in ceMEtery, as in “me” from your perspective.  I will do murders to you is what I’m trying to say

Yes, that’s a wooden box, sealed shut.  With nails.  I had to go get a hammer to pry my way in (I didn’t have to go far, like all Canadians I keep a hammer nearby at all time in case there’s woodworking to be done).

As I opened it, I noticed my name on the side, written with way more care and style than I have ever actually written it myself.  Whatever was inside this box was SERIOUS BUSINESS:

That fur and nose belong to Noam Chompky, who found this as fascinating as I did!

Prying open the box, I discovered that inside the box was a literal hunk of earth, taken from some distant, tiny cemetery!  Actual moss was on top, and that tiny shovel resting on that actual moss beckoned.  Being not unfamiliar with tiny things arriving in the mail, I was in my element:

That’s about as clear an invitation as I’ve ever seen.  If you throw a shovel into a graveyard and I find it I will dig whatever is beneath me up, whether that’s “legal” or “not” 

So, I started digging.  Jenn stopped watching the Olympics to help me: a planet’s greatest athletes were reduced to mere background noise in the face of THIS, which should seem familiar because it’s also the photo I put at the top that got you so intrigued you read this far:


Judge not, lest ye be Judged

Busting out the hammer again, and reflecting that this is how grave robbers must feel (excited to see what’s inside!!) I pulled open the lid of this ornate coffin:

That, my friends, is presumably Judge Hopkins himself.  Look at his feet: somebody folded over his ankles to get him to fit into this coffin.  As a tall man, this spoke to me.  Look at his hands: they are enormous.  As a tall man with giant hands, this spoke to me as well.  Instantly I found I had a kinship with Judge Hopkins.  He understood me, and I him.

I picked him up in my giant hands

and we high-fived my wife, whose face I cut out due to being bad at photos:


This guy is amazing.  He’s the finest - doll, I guess - that I’ve ever held in my hands: incredibly detailed, incredibly poseable, just all around awesome.  But he was buried with a note!  Let’s give it a look:

NOTE…. my hands covered in dirt and moss

Mysteries reveal themselves!  It turns out this is an ACTUAL zombie doll used in the upcoming stop-motion film ParaNorman, which is INSANE.  I used to do stop-motion movies with action figures, so it was a real thrill to have the real deal here resting in my giant, dirty hands.  And the content of that note is… kind of amazing? First off: kudos to whoever wrote it because your writing is beautiful and at a scale that my clumsy hands can only wonder at.  But when you read it, you see not only does thon know Dinosaur Comics, but they ALSO know Machine of Death, how we kept Glenn Beck from his coveted #1 spot on launch day, AND they fit in a reference to a Twitter post I’d made just days before.  Whoever sent this knows me INTIMATELY and now the reason they sent me a tall man with giant hands WHO SECRETLY JUDGES EVERYONE HE MEETS becomes clear!

This is awesome.  Then I turn over the body tag on his toe and see THIS:


Judge Hopkins is a ZOMBIE!  Suddenly everything makes sense.  I returned my steely gaze to the dirt he was buried in and dug some more with my steely arms (I am mainly made of steel) and discovered… MORE HIDDEN TREASURES:

All terrific.  The note says these are all props used in the film, so you should go see the movie and keep an eye out for snacks (one of my top five interests for sure), a folding chair, a fire extinguisher, and JUDGE HOPKINS!  He lives in my house now.  He and I are bros.  I have a movie star in my house.

Thanks to whoever at Team ParaNorman tracked me down and put this together!  ParaNorman opens on next Friday (August 17th!) and it’s from the same people who made Coraline, which I loved.  Let’s go see it, that’s what I say!

Also worth noting: if you read my Twitter bio it says that I am, quote, “the place where food goes to die”.  This description was spontaneously given to me by Vera Brosgol over breakfast many years ago, while I ate DELICATELY AND POLITELY AND I ASSURE YOU ONLY OFF MY OWN PLATE.  Vera worked on Coraline AND on ParaNorman AND she won an Eisner so maaaan this is going to be a good movie!

Like they said, there’s TONS of ParaNorman stuff at, and you can watch the trailers on YouTube here! MY GUY IS IN THEM.  HE IS ALL OVER THEM TRAILERS



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IA ‘Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku’ by Takuya Hosogane

Though I’m not a big fan of anything Vocaloid, this is a song I find myself constantly dredging up again because ti (and its music video) are so much fun. 




ParaNorman is using SCULPTED SMEARS!

I admit it, this kind of blows my mind…



Yeah this image alone definitely deserves its own post.

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paranorman stuff





A few snippets from ‘The art and making of Paranorman’

The printed smear blows my mind!


dsaguosahpdsanklgndsklhgpdsajhgkpdhsakl;ghsangsaj im dying, I am in love

No way. Real world animation smears? Too damn cool.


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An experimental short film by visual artist Susi Sie. Every single scene in the video was filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II and it’s done without any additional computer animations or effects.

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Fucking hell, all in-camera? This short film is insane.

All I can guess is that it has to be a magnetic liquid, and even then I’m left grasping for straws. I need a full explanation.

Prometheus? Prometheus. (But damn is this an incredible short film.)



is this madhouse? it’s cool as heck.

Really wish this was part of an actual show! It’s from a 1:30 short music video, directed by Takuya Hosogane (who is also a killer motion-graphics animator). The music video is here:

Thank god I found this thing again. Reblogging for others (and bookmarking to save!)

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Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected

A classic!





Here it is!  I really wanted to do more clips, and maybe put some GLaDOS in there too, but I have to stop working on this for my own sanity. 8D  I don’t really know what else to say other than I hope you guys like it!


 hooleee crap this is cool


I still need to play Portal 2. ;w;

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Was just watching a bunch of DBZ movies earlier today, too.